Pastor Charles and Sharyn McGregor

Pastor Charles and Sharyn McGregor

Senior Pastor

Charles McGregor, evangelist, author and Pastor of New Beginnings Church in Stratford, Oklahoma. Pastor McGregor presents some of the most entertaining yet practical and insightful teaching on spiritual growth and family available today. He mixes years of personal experience with principles of God’s Word to bring pointed but humorous challenges to people to become what God intended them to be. A husband, father, and a grandfather, Charles has invested the past 35 years teaching church growth seminars, and training people from all walks of life in family, marriage, and parenting issues. Pastor McGregor and his wife Sharyn make their home in Stratford,Oklahoma.

Meet the Family

Susan Pinley, Prayer Ministries, Prims Teacher, and Bulletin ministry.

Deborah Mapes, Media Specialist, Kids For Christ Admin. Stars Teacher

Douglass Dow, Royal Rangers Commander, Worship Musician

Lesley Hess, Rainbows Teacher

Thurman and Ada Hawkins, Buckaroos Teachers, Outreach Pantry Supervisor

Robin Clifton, Prayer ministry, Stars teacher assistant, Usher

Barbie Kinstner, Food Service Supervisor

Eddie Kinstner, Bus Ministry

Barbara Perry, Prayer Ministry, Prims Teacher Assistant

Linda Webster, Prims Teachers Assistant, Prayer Ministry, Bulletin Ministry